Michael Kanyon is a celebrity hairstylist and the creator of KANYON Beauty, a premier vegan hair care line formulated with small batch, high quality nourishing ingredients to deliver functional products for all hair types. Michael has amassed more than 28 years of experience as a well respected master at technical hairstyling with expertise in fashion and advertising. He has an innate ability to look at someone and sculpt a haircut specifically suited for that individual. This unique talent helped him to develop his own dry hair cutting style through his mentor John Sahag. Only a few dry haircutting specialists throughout the United States know this particular method, making Michael both a trendsetter and highly sought-after artist.

In 2021 Michael moved to Atlanta, where KANYON Beauty was officially born. KANYON is a lifestyle showcasing Michael's uncompromising approach to creating sustainable products that nourish and protect the hair. Michael knows first hand the toll a person's hair takes during a full day shoot, from heat and styling damage, to numerous products being used throughout the day. He noticed most formulas were harmful when left on the scalp, and they didn't work well in combination. Through his experience and knowledge of all hair types, he identified and filled a void for styling products formulated to work seamlessly together to protect, nourish and condition the scalp and hair from its roots to its ends.

Family is the center point for all that Michael does. He resides in Buckhead with his wife, Suzanne Teresa, an accomplished photographer, and can usually be found styling at his home salon, traveling the country for shoots or playing with their two Mainecoon cats. He is also the proud father of Mia Sophia, who continually keeps him on his toes and laughing.