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How do I use the Satin Dry Oil?  Spray into the air and let it gently fall onto already styled hair.  If your hair is wet, you can spray Satin Dry Oil directly onto the middle to ends of the hair and then blow dry for a nurturing, smooth, healthy feel. 

What do I use Satin Dry Oil for?  Satin Dry Oil protects your hair.  You can use it when styling with heating tools or to finish off a look.

Will it weigh down my hair?  Our Satin Dry Oil is a light-weight formula.  We chose a fine mist actuator that creates the perfect mist cloud. 

Is it greasy?  Our Satin Dry Oil isn’t heavy or greasy, and leaves a lush satin sheen on the hair. 

How much do I use?  Start with a light mist and re-apply as needed.

Can I use this on curly hair?  Yes absolutely!  Satin Dry Oil is wonderful to use in the morning to refresh curls and add shine.

Can I use it by the pool or at the beach?  Satin Dry Oil is great for poolside and the beach.  Simply spray on wet or dry hair from the mid-length to the ends, and do a simple bun.  It will protect your hair from sun, salt and chlorine, all the while allowing your hair to soak up the nutrients and oils.

Are silicons ok to use on my hair?  This is a high heat styling product, we have included silicones in the formula to protect each strand during the styling process. We suggest using a clarifying shampoo monthly and a deep conditioner regularly. 



Where do I put the lotion?  For maximum volume, apply to damp hair from roots to ends.

How much lotion do I use?  For thin hair apply 3-4 pumps throughly from roots to ends.  For thick hair apply in 2 sections.

For best results, do I apply to wet or dry hair?  We recommend the lotion be applied to wet, freshly washed hair, then blown dry.

Does thickening lotion work on curly hair? Yes, apply to wet hair and let your hair dry naturally

What if I just want root volume? Apply to your roots only and blow dry.

Does Thickening Lotion help split ends? Yes! Apply enough to cover the ends of your hair and blow dry.

Why are there white residue flakes on my hair?  It’s important to remove residue and product both from your hair and tools.  You may have a dirty brush.  We suggest you clean your tools with a mild shampoo just as you would your hair.  This will ensure that your clean hair and tools have the best results.



What does Vitamin Mist do?  It infuses the hair with vitamins and oils to strengthen and protect during styling.  It works wonders as a blow dry spray, leave-in conditioning spray, and a heat protectant. 

What hair does this work best on?  Vitamin Mist has been tested and formulated for all hair types.  Our Vitamin Mist spray has a low pH which helps shut the cuticle down flat, in turn helping the hair feel smoother, less frizz and flyaways, and the most important goal of this line - give you healthier hair!